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What is CauZway?

Wireless That Works!

CauZway©  Controls with BACnet bridge provide wireless connectivity for BMS, energy monitoring, sub-metering and load-shedding applications using 900MHz wireless

When you deploy 'wireless that works', there are benefits to integrator and end-user alike.


  • Faster installations - potential to complete more projects with fewer resources
  • Less disruption to buildings - small devices are attractive and esthetically pleasing to end-users
  • Minimal copper wiring - cabling, conduit, boxes, etc. eliminated
  • Less dependence on other contractors schedules - install at completion phase of construction
  • No worries re: surge, voltage spikes, induction from lightening, etc.
  • Streamlined project management - fewer on-site days - resultant savings
  • Lower labor costs - fewer hours, install difficulty reduced, skills minimal for device mounting
  • Commissioning Process - reduced complexity, oversight and testing made easier

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Wireless Energy Management

CauZway© provides the ideal wireless platform for remote monitoring and control applications.

Wireless sensors connect the physical environment with your Building Management System (BMS) to achieve an advanced monitoring, automation, and control solution.

CauZway is designed to easily interface with any new or legacy Building Management System using the BACnet protocol and either MS/TP or BACnet IP.


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Leveraging commercial wireless sensor data by applying software intelligence to alert and distribute actionable knowledge across many paths.

Wireless devices for building and energy management - Monitoring and Control - Disparate system integration