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CauZway BMS Wireless Integration
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CauZway Controllers and Inovonics Pulse Counters
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Temperature Sensors

Pulse Counters

Cauzway Control Units

Cloud Connection

BACnet Connection

Using CauZway© tools, we have made it easy for the integrator to:


  • Design and build the wireless network infrastructure.  A portable survey kit designates repeater placement
  • Enroll wireless devices to our gateway and to see device signal strength once installed at a job site
  • See in 'real-time' each unique wireless input or output control device in a BACnet view
  • Observe device status and receive alerts re: Supervision and Quality of Service* for each device


Choose your Cauzway Control

Cauzway Control


  • CC100ib device limit - 250*                     


  • CC200ib device limit - 1000**


  • CC300i Data to Cloud, no BACnet

* Broadcast is typically used for 1-250 input points

** Directed Mesh is always used for 250-1,000 input points and for up to 200 two-way output control modules

Cauzway Wireless Interface


  • CUBE8r - 8 relay outputs
  • CUBE4r - 4 relay outputs
  • CUBE2r - 2 relay outputs


CauZway© Web based tools and features:


  • Automatic licensing and product code dispensing


  • An automatic snap-shot of the entire job will aid in a successful commissioning.  All Cauzway device information is then available in one central location on the Internet and any service is immediately captured for others to view.


  • Automatic Software updates of gateways and field deployed wireless two-way serial output controls


  • Sensor data collection for trending, analysis and sub-metered billing data


  • Pulse count data is sent periodically using secure (FTPS) to CauZway's cloud based storage


  • Secure data extractor is used for base-line energy data collection reports and utility sub-metering and billing services accessing our storage data.